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Morya too is symbolic of high life and premium living. Situated amidst lush greenery and waterbody. It promises tranquillity and regal living
which is a rare find in the hustle-bustle of city life yet extremely close to all major transit points within the vicinity.
Now you can refer your dear ones and enjoy exciting benefits when they move into “Morya”.

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Referral Scheme - Terms & Conditions

Under the Referral Scheme, existing customers of Morya can refer their friends, family or colleagues to purchase an apartment at the project, Morya. If their reference makes a booking at Morya, they can avail the Referral Bonus as per the scheme.

This Referral Scheme is applicable only for the purchase of flats at Morya. The Referrer in the scheme must be an existing customer of Morya and can refer new customers and subsequently avail of the referral benefits.

There can only be one Referrer per new booking.

All bookings in the Referral Scheme will be done at the prevalent rate at the time. Referral amount cannot be deducted from the booking rate/ amount.

Payment will be made once all the current dues of the referred customer have been cleared and the Referrer does not have pending dues against his apartment.

If there is any involvement of Channel Partner (Brokers) then referral scheme stands null and void. The referral scheme will not be applicable in case the prospective referred customer, as per records of Sugam Diamond Abasan LLP, has already approached Sugam Diamond Abasan LLP in the past enquiring about the project.

Simultaneously on the booking, the Referrer should submit a Referral Form on our Website-  Referrals made after the booking has been received will not be valid.

To be eligible for the scheme, the Referrer’s name should be mentioned in the Referrer’s section of the referred customer’s (new booking) booking form.

Once the Referral Form is approved and the current dues as per the Payment Schedule for the new booking (by the Referred customer) are paid, a Referral Approval Letter will be issued to the Referrer.

If the Referrer cancels his own unit then he will not be entitled to the Referral Bonus. If the Referral booking is cancelled, the Referrer will be liable to return the amount received as a Referral Bonus for the referred booking.

After the Referrer has met all the terms and conditions, the redemption of scheme amount can be done by filling out a Redemption Form along with the Original Referral Approval Letter. Loss/theft/damage to the Referral Scheme Letter might result in cancellation of redemption. No duplicate Referral Scheme Letter will be issued in any circumstances.

Sugam Diamond Abasan LLP reserves the right to amend/alter/modify/withdraw the scheme at any time without any prior intimation.

In case of any dispute, the decision of Sugam Diamond Abasan LLP shall be final and binding on all parties.

For any question on the scheme, please contact us on +91 (033) 309902249, or email us at –