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Morya – as the name suggests, is symbolic of regality, this magnificence is brought to you by the unison of three major developers that combined is re-shaping the evolving urban South Kolkata skyline. This region has seen spectacular growth in the recent times, with the overall real estate boom experienced in Bengal, as a whole – but the Tollygunge, Off New Alipore locality of the South Kolkata region is traditionally considered upmarket real estate with over 40% of home buyers preferring South Kolkata as their prime choice for long term investment.

We welcome all to be a part of this growth opportunity.

Salient features of Channel Partnership

Less processing time

Smooth assistance at the project site

Lucrative incentive scheme

Business Handholding from developer

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Channel Partners - Terms & Conditions

Any communication (including but not limited to printed advertising, Web, Outdoor or E-mail) must be approved in writing by an authorised associate of SDALLP prior to publishing.

Rendered view of the property or amenities belonging to Morya cannot be used unless approved in writing by an authorised associate of SDALLP.

No part of the brochure or any controlled circulation material shared for training or indicative purposes shall be circulated to an external member or any party without prior written approval by an authorised associate of SDALLP.

No SMS and E-mail communication directly or indirectly mentioning the name of the project or SDALLP can be circulated either en-masse or individually to any third party without explicit approval/consent from an authorised associate of SDALLP. Content for said approved SMS/E-mail cannot be changed post-approval.

Publication of any information on the website or on any digital or printed medium should be as per the circulated standard project information sheet by SDALLP. You are obligated to be in touch with the authorised associate of SDALLP for the update on the project from time to time.

Usage of any of the partners involved in SDALLP in any project in any written, printed, electronic or any other form of communication is strictly prohibited unless explicitly approved in writing by an authorised associate of SDALLP.

None of the corporate logos of any of the partners of SDALLP can be used. Only the logo of the project can be used with explicit approval for an authorised associate of SDALLP.

No website, blog, microsite or landing page or social media page including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest can be created which directly or indirectly shares materials, information of the project of SDALLP without prior written approval from an authorised associate of SDALLP.

None of the logos, images from SDALLP marketing materials, images or logo of partners involved in the project on the partner’s website cannot be used without proper prior approval by an authorised associate of SDALLP.

All approvals must be accorded in writing or through E-mail of company domain and no oral approvals will be solicited or accepted.

The materials shared by SDALLP are internal documents which are solely our property and not to be shared to any external party.

You are not allowed to share any form of design made for SDALLP or any communication with SDALLP to any external party and those would be the sole property of SDALLP.

You are bound to maintain secrecy about the project you are working with and the information is limited to internal members only.

Any violation of the above-mentioned guidelines will be constituted as a serious breach and shall lead to cancellation of the commercial contract, forfeiture of all outstanding payments due (including fees and other receivables from SDALLP) in addition to strict legal action by SDALLP (and/or the partner companies).